Sydney – S4

Specialising in co-location from solo traders through to corporates with 342sqm of DC floor space

Sydney - S4 Data Centre

The Syncom Sydney facility is an Internet Data Centre (IDC) specialising in co-location from solo traders through to corporates with 342sqm of DC floor space. Previously run by Datacom, Syncom acquired the site in 2015 and has since been completely renovated and retrofitted to meet tier III and 2015 standards.

Location: Sydney

Technical space: 342m²

Power Capacity: 1x 1MVA

The History Of S4

With history back to the 1980s, S4 has been one of the longest standing datacentres in the Sydney datacentre scene.

Syncom took over the facility from Datacom in May 2015 before completely stripping the facility back to the bare structure and completing an upgrade to all base building and systems. New UPS and power paths were added and the facility was converted from a Tier II datacentre to a Tier III designed datacentre certified by Schneider Electric.

S4 draws 1MW of dedicated power from the same power feed that supplies RNS hospital providing stable power to S4 with minimal interuptions over the last 10 years.

Today, S4 stands at 342Sqm of IT space with a dedicated MMR comms room, redundant network and power paths to all racks, dedicated standby generating plant, VESDA and Inergen fire suppression systems and staffed 12 hours a day Monday through Friday for all remote hands needs.

Technical Specifications




Gross Available Area 342m2
Tier III
Power Available 1x 1MVA
UPS Yes (Battery)
Generators Yes
Fuel Supply 12 hour fuel supply onsite
Fuel Contracts Yes (24x7x365)
Fire Detection VESDA
Fire Suppression Inergen
Cooling CRAC with Cold Isle Containment
Restricted via Prox cards Restricted via Prox cards
Access Control List Access Control List
Carrier Neutral Yes
Diverse Network Entry Points Yes
Services Offered • Co-location
• Co-location (per RU)
• Co-location (per rack)
• Peering

APC Cabinets

Chosen due to their flexible configuration and ability to fit a diverse range of devices, Syncom uses the APC VX and SX Netshelter cabinets.

APC Power

Power is naturally a very vital component of a data centre, we run our APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in N+1 configuration, ensuring that should a fault occur with 1 unit, the other units have remaining headroom to take the load.

During a failure with utility power, the UPS takes the load while the generator starts up, when ready, usually 30 – 60 seconds later, the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) switches over to the generator until utility power is restored and stable.

Stulz Cooling

Designed on the hot aisle/cold aisle principal, our Stulz 100KW Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) units in N+1 configuration keep supplying cool air to the front of the rack cabinets via underfloor air distribution, while the hot air exists the rear of the cabinet and returned to the ‘CRACs’ units to ensure supply of approximately 23.5% Celsius and 50% humidity.

Cisco Network

For your business, downtime is not an option. That’s why our Cisco powered network is constantly evolving to bring you greater network uptime, more capacity and faster response times than ever before.

We currently peer with multiple carrier grade partners, which allows us a truly multi-homed network for all traffic – local, national and international connectivity for your customers has never been easier. We offer varies data connection options such as Data Blocks/Per GB, 95th percentile and Open Pipe.